Rotations Tool

Rotations, have they clicked for you yet? If not I’ve got this lil’ thing for u that might help. This is made to supplement ‘the power point’, which you can find below. If you haven’t seen it, read through it first.

Try to focus on:

  • Your position
  • The players before and after you in the rotation
  • Where the player opposite to you is
  • Where you can go without going out of rotation

Can’t remember the rotations? Check the power point below.

Drag the circles around into the starting positions. You can rotate the players with the rotations dropdown. If the players get messy you can reset their positions.

While you’re moving the players you will see the area the player can be in without going out of rotation. If players are red they are out of rotation. These rules only matter before the serve, afterwards you would switch into your position.