If anything needs to be undone, you can check here to see what’s changed.

26/05/21 – John
Changed secondary color, removed homepage button from menu.

Slider: changed min height of slider to 600px, disabled ‘disable scroll bar’ Changed colours of buttons,

(testing out & undone now): on slider, changing text bg opacity from #000000cc to 0, and changing content bg color to #00000099.
The dots at the bottom were not covered by the content’s color so i undid these changes.

27/05/21 – John
Updated additional css to change how top bar looks on mobile. + added css to change slider style but commented out.

20/09/21 – John
Changed Male and Female players to Men’s and Women’s teams.
Changing “Junior Members” to “Juniors”
Added Rotation tool page.
Updated M&W team page with current league.
Added coach pictures
Added first names to players that I know
Turned off link on players

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